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Winter Wonderland in London

Day 1:Winter Wonderland, London

Christmas arrives with style each year in London and unless you have already visited it, it’s hard to explain just how magical the Winter Wonderland actually is. Entry to the Wonderland, located in Hyde Park, is free and very well signposted with security/ushers/guides nearby to ensure everyone arrives safely.

When you first enter the park it seems fairly small and surprisingly uncrowded. Seamlessly, you are transported from the Christmas rush of Oxford Street into a different calming and well organised zone of wintery wonderfulness.

Winter Wonderland is vast. Contained within the park is a carousel wheel (a mini version of the London Eye), a rollercoaster, and the Magical Ice Kingdom which is incredible. Food and amenities are abundant around the park and some rather delectable options are the many Cadbury Hot Chocolate stalls, a Ski Lodge serving German beer and mulled wine, and a great selection of food vans, selling everything from hot dogs to crepes and burgers to candy floss.

BI WORLDWIDE Events Project Executive, Rachel Boardman recently visited Winter Wonderland: “My personal gem was the Bavarian Village tucked away at the back of the park opposite the fairground games. Serving tankards of German Beer and multiple flavours of Bratwurst inside a barn and village area, the Bavarian Village is a huge space with cool lighting and outdoor campfires to warm by. I felt like Mr Ben when I walked through the doors as I was immediately transported to Oktoberfest with a Christmas sprinkle. This place had a real lively atmosphere with live (cheesy) music.

“Thinking logistically, the Bavarian is situated on the same side of the Wonderland as the taxi point and is surrounded by toilet and wash facilities.”

Rachel concludes: “The entire experience is a real gem and mustn’t be missed, even if it is just to see the beautiful decoration of the Hyde Park Trees. It’s a great group experience.”

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