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Encouraging wellness and teamwork at BI WORLDWIDE

Yomp - The Oxford English dictionary states ‘to yomp' is to ‘march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain'.

Now, I’m not sure that many of us took it to that extreme during our first two Yomp incentives...but we did get active!

In August last year, we were asked to get moving and log each fitness activity over 30 minutes through Yomp, a tracking fitness programme. In this six week challenge the BIW Associates undertook 3,601 activities! That’s over 5 sessions per week, per person! In total, we completed 2,800 hours of exercise and covered 6,000 miles.

Next up, we were challenged for one month on multiple fronts...could we be the person who ran furthest or spent the longest in the gym? Again, we witnessed some amazing activity levels.

1,815 hours of activity and between us, we:

  • Walked 1,904 miles
  • Ran 1,129 miles
  • Cycled 967 miles

Over the two events we travelled more than 10,000 miles, spent over 5,416 hours in the gym, pool, or taking part in competitive sports, and we burnt a staggering 1,910,000 calories!

By driving these two wellness initiatives, we can see that it’s not a short lived behaviour change - many of our Associates bump into each other whilst walking or in the gym during lunch hours. You have to be watching closely, but you may see the odd flash of lycra as someone dashes out to make the most of their lunch to work on their fitness levels!

April sees the third Yomp challenge, and by the 5th day of the month, our yompers had logged 252 activities, totalling 207 hours of activities, they had travelled 487 miles and burned over 87k calories!

Which team will step up to the podium this time around? Only time will tell!

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