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Boosting sales performance of a new product

In with the new, out of the old! A global leader in tools, diagnostics and equipment launched a new product and wanted to incentivise and engage dealers to double sales figures from the previous year.

The client needed a sales incentive programme that would be informative about the new product, and incentivise dealers to push sales. Dealers were segmented by previous baseline figures, in order to measure programme success.
Participants were able to select a reward if they achieved target, including a range of merchandise, travel and experiences.

What we delivered:

  • 90 day programme supported with regular communications about their progress and distance from achieving their targets and rewards


  • Programme ROI of 600%
  • 93% programme participation
  • Total sales increase from previous year was 584%
  • 8% of participants exceed their previous years baseline

'... a range of merchandise, travel and experiences.'