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Driving sales incentives during the quieter months

This automotive client worked with BI WORLDWIDE to run a target driven incentive for UK Sales Managers who were responsible for each retailer's performance.

BI WORLDWIDE worked closely with the client, analysing past sales activity from all of the retailers, including top and low performers. As a result, a GoalQuest® sales incentive programme was designed, offering a three-level target structure.

GoalQuest’s methodology taps into the individual’s emotional drive to “be the best” by empowering the Sales Manager to select their desired goal and reward those who reach their chosen target reward.

The purpose of this target-driven incentive was to keep sales figures high during the quieter months and maximise sales performance.

What we delivered:

  • 90 day sales incentive programme
  • Choice of sales targets and desirable rewards including family holidays, city breaks, and the latest technology merchandise
  • Regular email communications highlighting performance against target


  • 94% programme participation
  • 66% of Sales Managers achieved their targets
  • Those who chose travel rewards were more likely to hit target and qualify for their chosen prize
  • The client saw a 10% increase in sales in comparison to company average

'The purpose of the incentive was to keep sales figures high during the quieter months'