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Sales incentive programme powered by self-selected goals

A telecommunications client wanted to increase engagement with their technicians and supervisors as well as incentivise them to sell more core products.

The client wanted to run a short term tactical sales incentive programme that focused around encouraging individual product sales.
BI WORLDWIDE designed and provided its very own patented sales incentive programme GoalQuest® that met the client’s objectives.

What we delivered
The audience was segmented based on prior performance and sales figures. The sales incentive was highlighted as an all or nothing achievement, with participants having the chance to choose their own reward and target.
The sales incentive programme was live for 30 days, with participants receiving regular communications on their progress against target and individual unit sales

Previously known lower sales performers showed the most sales uplift, reinforcing the impact GoalQuest had on influencing behaviour change. The client saw the following results:

  • 100% programme participation
  • 48% of technicians selected the highest level
  • 63% of technicians that selected the highest level achieved their goal
  • 201% total programme ROI
  • 196% lift from mid-low performers
  • 207% lift from low performers

'... the impact GoalQuest had on influencing behaviour change'