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Gender Pay Gap Report


BI WORLDWIDE employs 226 people in our offices in Newport Pagnell, in disciplines as diverse as IT and Event Management. Our workforce is predominantly female and predominantly full time. We employ a significant number of EU nationals and pride ourselves on recruitment and remuneration policies which are blind to age, gender, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin.


Like Pay for Like Work

Where Associates are performing the same, or similar, duties, we are satisfied that gender does not influence pay. For example:

This pattern is repeated across the organisation, with small differences in average pay reflecting factors such as experience and length of service but not gender.

Material Gender Pay Gaps in Specific Disciplines

As mentioned in the summary above, we have two departments in which we have a gender pay gap which we consider to be material.

Mandatory Reporting

While we are confident that gender is not a determinant in calculating pay, the measures for the company as a whole are shaped by the fact that three individuals (2 male and 1 female) enjoy remuneration packages that reflect their status as company directors. These earning figures distort the company averages.

The metrics that we are required to report are as follows:


Males (Number)

Females (Number)

Top Quartile



2nd Quartile



3rd Quartile



Bottom Quartile